Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Armoured BMWs don't produce shrapnel when blown up

I was able to call into NPR's "Talk of the Nation" today, and pose a question to Ivan Watson, whose armoured BMW exploded just 15 feet away via cell phone detonated sticky bomb last weekend: were you injured with temporary hearing loss, or shrapnel, or anything? Ivan responded that amazingly, no, there was no bodily harm. In fact, the written story on NPR's site states "In fact, the blast did not even damage several cartons of eggs lying on a street vendor's table on the sidewalk just six feet from the BMW." From an engineering standpoint, it makes sense. Lots of polycarbonate glass, and steel plating. contains / blunts the force of an IED. "Myth Busters" would concur as well.

Moronic Republican Ideologues who keep saying "the surge has worked" need to spend some time in Baghdad without body guards, to prove they mean what they say. How many IEDs and beheadings and mortar rounds fired were there, pre-2003, in all of Mesopotamia? Paying off the Sunni Insurgents worked, temporarily. Sastani reining in Sadr worked, temporarily. We'll pull out, and the different fundamentalist ethnic groups and criminals will continue to kill each other there indefinitely.

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