Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Maddow's Thankful for...

Last Wednesday, just before Thanksgiving, Rachel Maddow went on a long list of indicted, convicted, resigned, or imprisoned former Bush appointees who were incompetent, dishonest, evil, abusive of their power, or "all of the above". It took MSNBC a few days to put up the transcript, but here's the condensed list of despicable morons (lest they be too quickly forgotten).
  • Julie A. McDonald, deputy assistant secretary at the Department of the Interior
  • Steven Griles, the number two guy D of I.
  • Roger Stillwell from the Office of Insular Affairs
  • Robert Coughlin chief of the criminal division at the Justice Department
  • David Safavian chief of staff in the General Services Administration!
  • Lester Crawford, Commissioner of the FDA
  • Claude Allen, the assistant to the president for domestic policy
  • Brian Doyle, deputy press secretary for Homeland Security
  • Frank Figueroa, who had been the head of Operation Predator. Homeland Security
  • John Korsmo, chairman of the federal housing board & his wife deputy chief of staff at the Labor Department.
  • Carl Truscott, head of the ATF
  • Ken Tomlinson, chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting
  • Dusty Foggo, Executive Director of the CIA
  • Janet Rehnquist, inspector general at Health and Human Services
  • David Smith, deputy assistant secretary for Fish, Wildlife, and Parks
  • Philip Cooney, the chief of staff at the White House Council on Environmental Quality
  • George Deutsch, a press aide at NASA
  • Thomas Scully, the administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
  • Sean Tunis, chief medical officer, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
  • Bernie Kerik, Homeland Security secretary candidate
  • Scooter Libby, the Vice President's chief of staff
  • Attorney General Alberto Gonzales
A longer list can be found here, here, here (C&L), and a 2004 version here.

(I thought I had published this earlier, but somehow it remained in Draft for a month... hmmm)

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