Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Walking Dead Returns

The Walking Dead returned to AMC earlier this month, and I've got mixed feelings about it.  I was frustrated about the whole inane plot of "find the little girl" last season, but they concluded it nicely.  The new season started off slowly, but the first episode ended spectacularly.  I hoped the writing, plot, and zombies would keep up, and involve more anarchic marauders... but that didn't happen, and several frustratingly poor decisions were written into the show, greatly diminishing my enthusiasm.  It's hard to care about stupid characters who make poor decisions, whether they are stressed out or not - I don't care.  I prefer more ruthless adaptation to over-come new obstacles. And when did digging multiple graves with hand tools NOT require those who dig to wear gloves?  Who digs graves bare handed, in the Georgia heat?

One especially bright spot though, is Andrew Lincoln's acting.  When Sheriff Grimes hears from his wife what she suspects his former partner did last Season and what she believes he's capable of doing next, Andrew Lincoln gives her a look that the camera captured, a look that a bad actor can't fake.  It was a visceral, raw, "I'm going to have to kill my friend now" look on Lincoln's face.  While Lincoln's character is written to make some really stupid decisions, his acting redeems the show somewhat. 

I am going to try to suspend disbelief in the multiple, glaring, logic & plot inconsistencies this season of TWD, and hopefully, it'll improve, and not suffer the same tangent into 'really dumb decision land' that Breaking Bad took after it's 2nd second season.

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  1. I am hoping the body count rises as well, esp if Laurie is part of it, I am ready for her to go away. My students are starting to cheer for the Walkers. The big question is, where is all the ammo coming from and how much is being used on the practice range? Darryl needs more arrows so he can go all "Agincourt on their butt", quote from a 7th grader.


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