Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Housewivescheating? Really?

My Tom Tom Club post from last year continues to draw the dumbest, most poorly worded, foriegn spam I've ever seen.  I got this yesterday:   (seriously, cut and pasted)

"The stereotype loses past the freed cabinet. The march resets the harsh paperback throughout the scientific confine. The fabric dances. A caffeine bombs Toms Toms & Furs into the cheer. Toms Toms & Furs explains a dawn in a shouted discovery. Toms Toms & Furs pays the chain."

I don't know if this is Chinese in origin for sure, but I suspect it is.  Mandarin Chinese has no future or past tense (as I've been told in my many Chinese travels) and you have to take the tense "in context", so since this is entirely in the present tense, I suspect it's a Chinese Spambot / Spam slave posting, where some poor bastard is making less than a dollar a day to combat CAPTCHAs to promote the website "cheatuingwives" dot tk, with a hyperlink labeled as "housewivescheating". 

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