Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Beyond Awesome Chocolate

I've not yet made it beyond "Awesome".  For Valentines, after seeing The Grey Dr Desert Flower and I got a box of Godiva Truffles.   They are indeed, Awesome. I actively avoid the lowest four tiers, as they have paltry amounts of real chocolate in them, and none of it is "fair trade", and I actively seek out the "Good" tier.  I've not yet enjoyed DeLafée, NōKA, Pierre Marcolini, or Knipschildt yet, but one can always dream. (on ne peut qu'espérer)


  1. I think that chart is talking smack on a few points:
    (1) there is no way cadbury's dairy milk is 3 tiers above hershey's -- they are both equally crappy
    (2) while I like ritter sport, green & black's is much better chocolate
    (3) likewise, lindt is much better than ritter sport
    (4) lindt and frey are equally good
    (5) lindt, frey, and G&B are better than divine
    (6) charbonnel & walker is no better than lindt
    (7) vosges is better than both charbonnel & walker and godiva
    (8) I haven't had anything on the top 2 tiers, hmph!

    1. I've not had Frey or Divine or Vosges, so I cannot comment. I've had some G&B that I thought was awesome, and some that was just "eh", and for me personally, same with Lindt - some awesome, some "eh". And even the awesome Godiva truffles we have right now are way better than other 'lesser Godivas' that I've had in the past. So each chocolate maker has a range, and each person's palette will have its own affinity.

      It is probable that the chart reflected its creator's personal preferences and bias (it was not me). If I ever get a sample of "God tier" and "beyond god" I'll let you know. =)

    2. Ron, agree with your comments. G&B is in general not great. Lindt is my go-to chocolate, and their upper tier chocolates like the cherry hot pepper is just excellent.

      Godiva: I do not like Godiva. Voges blows away Godiva. Where is Scharfen-Berger? It's pretty common, and great chocolate. Voges uses SB as its base chocolate and then adds flavors.

      Ghardelli is much better than Dove.

    3. Again, everyone has their own preferences. I've had great, good, and OK Godiva. Depends on which variety. Ghardelli (made in San Francisco, I've visited the factory) is mediocre at best, in my wife's and my opinion.

      Chacun sa chocolate.


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