Monday, October 10, 2011

Extended Zombie Dreams

Last Night, Dr Desert Flower and I watched the evil season conclusion of AMC's BReaking BAd.  During the DVR-ing, I noticed a plethora of "Walking Dead" promos, and those planted seeds in my fertile subconscious.  Throughout the night last night (I woke up several times) I was in a series of dreams involving "I Am Legend" like zombies, huddled together in the day time and hunting the non-infected at night.

Except that the longer the dream went on, I found that it setting changed to an alpine setting in Bavaria, combined with the bleak "Walking Dead" lack of a color spectrum similar to The Road.  All the signs and store fronts in the dream were in German.  The world was being taken over by The Infected, but in the dreamscape that my subconscious architect created, unenlightened German scientists had created an insidious vaccine, that was available to only the richest, wealthiest persons in the world, and it didn't really work fully.  Everyone else, who was not borne of privilege and had not inherited their daddy's money were given partially potent, semi-solution inoculations, that either left them catatonic, or shriveled them up into raisin-like gollum smeagols who were not yet crazed and murderous but who were pathetic wretches nonetheless, or (and this is the grossest part)... they turned into pasty, pudgy like characters akin to those on Nick Swardson's Pretend Time, who were quite ugly, very annoying, and extremely disturbing to see my loved ones turn into right before my eyes.

My son, my father, Dr Desert Flower, and many of my friends in my nightmares each turned into these over-weight baby hueys wearing garish lipstick saying awkward, un-endearing things that they were completely unaware of how repulsive and annoying they'd become, as the German serum coursed through veins.  I'd gotten them to Europe in a less-than-stable water craft, and we fought our way across the Ruhr valley and into the Bavarian mountains, only to have the less-than-capable German serum completely screw them up.

Maybe I played too much Battleground WWII in previous years.  Maybe I've seen too maybe Hitler spoofs recently.  Perhaps it's my love of the French language, cuisine, and the phrase "soup to nuts" that I heard ad nauseum last week.  Halloween is approaching.  I don't know.  I do hold AMC partially responsible for a good deal of the material.

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