Monday, February 6, 2012

Organic Spanish Bubbly

Last week, Dr Desert Flower and I enjoyed a light, crisp, organic Cava from Albero for the first time.  We'd had other organic Albero varietals (sans bubbles) in the past, but had not yet tried the Cava.  It did not disappoint.  And at $5 a bottle from Trader Joe's, it was darn delightful.

Dr Desert Flower does love her champagnes, but a true French champagne runs at least $20 a bottle for the cheapest ones, and 3X or 4X for the better quality ones.  The Spanish Cava from Albero was enjoyable, and the bottle didn't last more than 2 days.  Paired well with olives, cheeses, salads, chicken dishes, hummus.  At just $5 a bottle you should try it too - I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Champagne, Cavas, Proseccos, their not just for New Years Eve or Celebratory Victories (say of a Super Bowl win or that kind of thing), but are wonderful libations to have on hand for life's little celebrations, each day or each week.

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