Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Safety Nets

Mitt Romney today:  "I'm not concerned about the very poor. We have a safety net there."
Perhaps this is what he was thinking?
 As the middle class continues to shrink - with hostile take overs, leveraged buy outs, and outsourcing of American jobs to developing nations to circumvent living wages, environmental regulations, and government over-sight, and the very poor continue to grow, swelling food bank ranks, unemployment insurance rolls, homeless shelters, and food stamp recipient lists, there's no shortage of "the very poor".  Yet, as libertarian and right wing fundamentalist Republicans take over state legislatures, and tax bases shrink, the "very poor" have no social safety net.  they do have churches..  if you want to drink and swallow that kool aid... and that's the whole "1000 points of light" Bush legacy malarkey, where churches were given government money to fund "social welfare programs" wherein they channeled the funds into anti-abortion protests, re-education of their children away from Science and fact towards myth and fiction. 
Maybe he was thinking of this kind of net?
This is what the "safety net" looks like for most Americans who need it.  Or..  perhaps this next image, is REALLY what Mitt was implying...  with a slow death, where every drop of life is squeezed out of you by a Big Investor, who Owns & Built the net?  Yeah, I think he said what he meant, and it is this last image he had in the back of his mind when his mouth and throat formed those words.

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