Thursday, February 23, 2012

1GB Over 20 years

My first Micron Pentium 90 MHz, that I "over clocked" to be a 100 MHz, had a GIANT 500 Megabyte hard drive, and 4 whole meg of RAM, 2 meg of VRAM (so that I could play Duke Nukem, through a 28.8 KBps USRobitics Modem on dial up). 

5 years from now, memory will be 32 times smaller / more dense... and the iPad2 Dr Desert Flower bought last year will look like a relic of the ancient past.

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  1. You're predicting 4 TB SD cards in 2017? That would be cool.

    5 years ago the original iphone came out. While it does look a bit dated, it does not look like a relic of the ancient past. So I'm not so sure the iPad will look so strange in 2017, unless we've moved on from capacitive touch screens.


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