Friday, February 17, 2012

Fuel, the #1 US EXPORT

Today, President Obama is at a Boeing plant, talking about jobs.  Aircraft used to be the largest US Export, back in 2008 and 2009, but not anymore.  Now, America's biggest export, is fuel.  Yep, The USA, who has 5% of the world's population, but who consumes 20% of the world's natural resources, is exporting more fuel - at record prices I might add - to the rest of the world than any other export, according to US Census data. (read about it here in the Boston Globe, here in the Pittsburgh Gazette, or here in USA Today). 

Why do we need the Keystone XL pipeline? For Exxon Mobile, Chevron and ConocoPhillips to make larger profits of course!  As Americans, we need to 'drill baby drill!' and get all that nasty, hard to extract Canadian oil sand contaminated crude pumped down to Texas, before our Canadian friends try to build a pipeline over the Rockies (and through Indian lands!) to sell it to China!

The US market is not so thirsty anymore, with all those pesky wind mills popping up, and all those efficient hybrid cars, and the rise in CAFE standards, as well as most Americans sinking lower in the 99% with less buying power to purchase ever more expensive gasoline & plane tickets.  It's in the USA's national interests to have XOM, CVX, and COP to rise as much as possible, and build share holder wealth.  Don't listen to all the malarkey about "Energy Independence" - yes, the US is still a net importer of crude oil, but we're refining more than we need and exporting it.  Exporting it to other countries who pay heavily for it, raising the share prices of the largest US refiners.  Who is making all this refined fuel?  Well, I'll show the top 25 here... so everyone can see my point.
RANK     CORPORATION                 Barrels per Calendar Day
1     EXXON MOBIL CORP     Texas     BAYTOWN         560,640    
2     EXXON MOBIL CORP     EBATON ROUGE             502,000    
3     HOVENSA LLC         KINGSHILL             500,000    
4     MARATHON OIL CORP     Louisiana     GARYVILLE     464,000    
5     CITGO PETROLEUM CORP     Louisiana     LAKE CHARLES     427,800    
6     BP PLC             Texas     TEXAS CITY         406,570    
7     BP PLC             Indiana     WHITING     405,000    
8     WRB REFINING LLC     Illinois     WOOD RIVER     362,000    
9     EXXON MOBIL CORP     Texas     BEAUMONT         344,500    
10     SUNOCO INC         Pennsylvania     PHILADELPHIA     335,000    
11     CHEVRON CORP         Mississippi     PASCAGOULA     330,000    
12     DEER PARK REFINING LTD     Texas     DEER PARK         327,000    
13     VALERO ENERGY CORP     Texas     PORT ARTHUR         292,000    
14     KOCH INDUSTRIES INC     Texas     CORPUS CHRISTI         290,078    
15     MOTIVA ENTERPRISES LLC     Texas     PORT ARTHUR         285,000    
16     ACCESS INDUSTRIES     Texas     HOUSTON         280,390    
17     CHEVRON CORP         California     EL SEGUNDO     273,000    
18     KOCH INDUSTRIES INC     Minnesota     SAINT PAUL     262,000    
19     BP PLC     BP West Coast     California     LOS ANGELES     253,000    
20     CONOCOPHILLIPS         Louisiana     BELLE CHASSE     247,000    
21     CONOCOPHILLIPS         Texas     SWEENY             247,000    
22     CHEVRON CORP         California     RICHMOND     245,271    
23     CONOCOPHILLIPS         Louisiana     WESTLAKE     239,400    
24     EXXON MOBIL CORP     Illinois     JOLIET         238,600    
25     CONOCOPHILLIPS         New Jersey     LINDEN         238,000

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