Thursday, February 2, 2012

Heritage of Southern Family Values

I lived & worked in South Carolina for 16 years, after living in Indiana for 21 years and working there for another 4, so I am speaking from many years and 1000s of conversations and relationships worth of experience.  I've seen both the modern, advanced, cosmopolitan aspects of both states & their inhabitants, and the red neck, racist, xenophobic, backwards aspects of both states.  When I stumbled across this photo yesterday, I thought "oh, how wonderful! a whole family together on an outing!".  "It's about heritage" my fellow South Carolina citizens used to say.   Yep, a 'heritage of hatred'.  You want to understand why so many Americans HATE President Obama SO MUCH, but they don't articulate a valid, factual reason why?  See below.  Amen, brother.
PS:  it ain't Halloween.

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