Monday, February 6, 2012

Historical Artifacts Destroy IDiots

I saw a fascinating show that I'd DVR'ed on Nat Geo last month, that was a necropsy of a giraffe (Inside Nature's Giants).  While dissecting the neck, they came across the vagus and laryngeal nerves, and showed how they start off in the brain, about 2 inches from the voice box, run 2 meters down the neck, around the arteries of the heart, and Back Up the neck to the giraffe's voice box.  The following video illustrates this:

Richard Dawkins Demonstrates Laryngeal Nerve of... by blindwatcher
[Tip of the hat to grrlscientist for this very handy link]

Now, Richard Dawkins is a very smart man, but like many smart people who think they are the smartest person in the room (or in the world) he can sometimes be more than a little abrasive, so I try to keep my exposure to him at a minimum.  I don't see him as a "science rock star" as much as I do a "angry, smug, bully" who would draw more bees with honey than he would with vinegar, but everyone has their own way of handling things.  I see no reason that those who are not atheists can be good scientists, just as Francis Collins has said repeatedly (and Collins and Dawkins are often at odds), whether that's a belief in Jesus Christ, or Vishnu, or the Big Electron (warning, this video link to George Carlin is not child safe) in the sky.

But the illustration of the laryngeal nerve inefficiency, routing DOWN a giraffe's neck and BACK UP, after millions of years of evolutionary change shows that it is NOT an intelligent design.  It's not even a mediocre design.  It's back-ass-wards.  It's illogical.  IDiots (those who cling to Intelligent Design Because their so-called Christian[TM] faith has such a weak foundation they can't handle thinking on their own as they hypocritically eat their pork products) subscribe to such a notion, but I don't, and I can't. 

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