Sunday, February 5, 2012

Family Poolside Yoga

Since it was 18 or 19C today here, with a light breeze, Dr Desert Flower and I did yoga together for the first time poolside this afternoon.  It was wonderful, except for the 1/2 dozen honey bees who seemed inexorably drawn to the yellow sheet I'd laid down to keep dust & dirt off the yoga mats.  We figured out it was the yellow sheet when we finished yoga, and moved to the patio to enjoy a lunch of Stilton, Brie, Hummus, dried apricots, organic feta, organic baby carrots, and a bubbly Vinho Verde Espiral, I laid the yellow sheet over the dusty patio chair on which I sat, and I instantly became a popular bee magnet.  We moved inside, abandoning the patio, and watched through the screen as a dozen or more honey bees thoroughly investigated the sheet. 
As you can see in the photo, the aloes to the left are flourishing, as the transplanted patch to the right of the torch  is now rivaling its parent patch on the left.  The massive lavender "hedge" under to pool tools started from two 2 gallon pots.  The solar heater across the pool is still putting out 100F water, but it is not enough volume or BTUs to over-come the nightly lows of 45 or 50F.  The lavender to the far right also started off as a two 2 gallon pots that have taken off aggressively. 

Where's a good bee eater when you need one?

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