Monday, February 27, 2012

Up Robbins Butte

On Saturday morning, after a hearty breakfast of organic eggs, onions, mushrooms and pancetta, Dr Desert Flower and I headed West to Robbins Butte Wildlife Area, to ascend the 600 foot high Robbins Butte.  I'd seen this butte (pronounced bU-teh... like "beauty" without the "y") last month when I went out hiking on my birthday and it looked like a little volcano, all by itself on the banks of the Gila River.  I wanted to see for myself what the morphology of the rocks were on this rather cone shaped geological feature - hoping to find a crater at the top.  No such crater was found, unfortunately.

We had to park a good mile and a 1/2 away from the butte.    There were two hunters, discharging their fire arms somewhat haphazardly, which concerned Dr Desert Flower, but I figured "we're in Arizona, almost everyone is packing" and we headed West away from the parking area, towards the maintenance buildings for the Arizona Fish & Game Department.  The straight dirt road was rather monotonous, but it was a lovely day, and I had a very lovely hiking partner, so it was a nice hike. 

The ascent was rather friable, and finding a solid footing was a challenge.  Dr Desert Flower found a nice piece of granite, and waited 20 minutes for me to ascend, and descend, saving her knees from injury.  On our way out of the wildlife conservation area we saw a boy road runner chasing a girl road runner across the road (no coyotes spotted) - the male road runner had a more colorful comb and red eye liner & rouge (go figure).  As I was driving, I could not snap a quick picture, but it was an interesting sight.
View at the top of Robbins Butte

Looking East from the top of the Butte, towards the maintenance & hunting area - hoping no one had a rifle with a scope.

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