Sunday, February 12, 2012

Château Haut Guillebot

The Bordeaux Château Haut Guillebot have been a staple in our wine rack for a long time.  When we lived in South Carolina, Total Wine carried it there, and now in Arizona, they carry it here.  There's a white, Entre deux Mers varietal, a Bordeaux Rosé that is great to have on warm days on the patio, and a Bordeaux Rouge, which used to be a  Bordeaux Supérieur, but apparently now has dropped the "Supérieur" to the slightly lesser quality rating of just "Appellation Bordeaux Controlee".  At $9.99 a bottle, it's a good "go to wine" to have when company comes over, or with a steak, or hearty foods.  Other reviewers like this Chateau as well, linked here, here, and here.  I just hope Total Wine doesn't raise the price on this one too...  but... il faut voir.

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