Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines French Lavender

The French Lavender I pre-ordered from Elgin Nursery last month arrived yesterday.  I drove over this afternoon as soon as my work day was done, and picked them up - coincidentally with Valentine's Day.  $19.99 a piece, X6, but they charged me $98 with tax.. so it was like a 25% discount.  Guaranteed for a year.  4 of these will go in the back yard, and 2 in the front yard.   I hope they thrive, and are enjoyed by the honey bees, humming birds, and Dr Desert Flower year-round.

If you plant lavender, make sure the soil is well drained (to avoid root rot) and partially shady (per the Elgin Nursery guy) .. though our earlier French Lavender thrived in the full sunshine, from dawn to about 5pm.  Il faut voir..  we shall see how these go.  They're guaranteed! =)

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