Wednesday, February 29, 2012

They Should Call It "the Belly"

Starbucks introduced the Trenta.  Nearly a liter.  In relative volume, it is larger than the average human stomach.  They should just call it "The Stomach" or "The Belly".  In the poorer neighborhoods in Western Phoenix, that are approximately 90% Hispanic in central and eastern Maryvale district, Dr Desert Flower has noticed cars lined up Around the Starbucks in the morning when she drives down McDowell if the I-10 has an accident on it.  The Chicas Love their over-priced and grossly over-sized iced coffees. 
When we first moved here 4 years ago, Dr Desert Flower ordered a Fat Free, No whip cream, Dolche Latte.  The Starbucks barrista LOOKED at her, as if she was INSANE, and had to search and search and search, until some non fat milk could be located.  He put whip cream on it reflexively, out of habit, and we just scooped it off and left it on a napkin.  I wonder why type II mellitus is at epidemic levels in the Hispanic and Native American communities in Arizona?

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