Thursday, January 12, 2012

WX Imports NOT Grey Goose Makes Kirkland Vodka

The interwebs are a great thing.  Many people think Grey Goose makes Kirkland Vodka, because the size of the bottle is similar, Costco displays them next to each other, they are both made in Cognac France, and they are both delicious, high quality vodkas.  But the Grey Goose liaison is a common misconception.  WX Imports (link here) manufactures vodka for Costco under the Kirkland brand name.  Now, is it possible that WX Imports buys some vodka from Grey Goose and rebrands / rebottles it as Kirkland?  That's possible.  Grey Goose might not want to "taint" its reputation with making a discount branded vodka, but to my palate, my cranium, and my liver, it doesn't matter.  Costco vodka has never given me a hangover.  It's quality stuff.

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