Monday, January 30, 2012

Frozen Stop Sign

It's been in the mid 70s here all weekend and again today.  Dr Desert Flower and I went to the Desert Botanical Garden on Saturday night, and drove around with Celeste's top down.  So when I saw this image earlier today, I smiled broadly.  We don't have frozen stop signs in Arizona.  We've got hummingbirds, lavender, aloe, whip tail lizards, cacti, sage, palms, low humidity, desert, awesome sunsets, plentiful sunshine, cheap water, bobcats, javelina, road runners (saw one of those Sunday as well, in front of the neighbor's garage, and another one on Saturday near the 1010 while we were out on a walk), lots of guns, libertarians, cotton, cattle, copper, etc...

...but no frozen stop signs.

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