Saturday, January 7, 2012

Raise The Steaks

While our son was visiting last month, he mentioned a hilarious King of the Hill episode he saw called Raise The Steaks, in which Hank Hill can no longer get delicious steaks from Mega-Lo Mart because they outsourced their butcher and everything comes pre-packaged, tough, and tasteless.  A hippie from the local Co-op tells Hank he can score him some grass fed, free range, humanely raised meat & organic vegetables, and thus the plot begins.  Our resourceful son found Raise The Steaks, season 12, episode 6, on Netflix and we watched it one afternoon after a hike with roaring laughter.  Links here, here, and full episode here

Some of the choicest quotes from the episode:
[at Mega-Lo Mart meat counter]
Hank Hill: "I bought some steaks here last week that were terrible"
Mega-Lo Mart Teenage Clerk: "Maybe you cooked them wrong"
Hank Hill: "You don't know me, so I will pretend I did not hear that"

[at the Hill's dinner table]
Bobby Hill:  "These tomatoes are delicious!"
Hank Hill: "Bobby, you know tomatoes don't have any flavor" (then Hank takes a bite...)
Peggy Hill:  "Hank, if this is what real food tastes like, what have we been eating all these years?!?"

[at the Co-Op]
Co-Op Member:  "Does anyone here know how to run a hydraulic power loader? The delivery truck is here!"
Hank Hill: "You're kidding, right?" 

It's an excellent, tightly packaged synopsis & summary of corporate greed, hippie inefficiency and frivolity, neighbor annoyance, and how broken the American food supply chain really is when a citizen is looking for delicious, nutritious, healthy & sustainable food to serve their friends and family. 

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