Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Good Luck Jonathan With Your New Nigerian Civil War

Nigeria, where it's estimated that there's as much oil under the ground as Iraq or Iran have, is quickly spiraling into a Muslim-Christian civil war.  1000s of people are fleeing their homes to escape the religiously motivated genocidal killings.  Muslims insurgents are claiming that Christian insurgents killed and then ate (as in cannibals, link here) the Muslim corpses.  Goodluck Jonathan, the "popularly elected" president (but a well connected crony in his own right), cut off government fuel subsidy payments last week to the country's rich plutocrat run gasoline companies who have gone on to pass massive price hikes onto consumers or shut down their gas stations altogether, bringing the economy to a halt, costing 2 Billion dollars in just the last week.(link here)

It will be interesting to see how the White House and State Department handles this, since a HUGE amount of Nigerian oil and natural gas flows to the Oil addicted USA.  If we had President McCain or President Palin in office, I would NOT be surprised to see US air strikes against the "Muslim rebels" or US Special Forces getting engaged on the ground as manipulated tools of the Goodluck Jonathan central government. 

We shall see.

Expect to pay more for your chocolate too.  Nigeria produces 1/4 of the world's cacao.

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