Tuesday, January 17, 2012

An Open Internet? Not For Long.

Tomorrow, when Wikipedia goes dark, and thousands of non-US based websites will begin to be tracked by your internet service provider (ISP) because they don't want to be held 'liable' or 'aiding & abetting' in the newest attempt by Hollywood and well connected US political elites who are Extremely well funded by the US Chamber of Commerce, large movie studios, and other so called "content providers" who want to isolate the US as some imaginary bastion of "non piracy", don't hesitate to call your congressman and senators to express your disdain about how congress (and the EU) want to limit internet access, and eventually, block your tweets, block blog postings, and "clamp down" on any internet access with which "content providers" do not agree.

Harry Reid said that the Senate will vote on this the 2nd day they are back in session, January 24th.  Great.  Watch the beholden-to-special-interests vote for it without hesitation.

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