Friday, January 13, 2012

Colbert Super PAC Transferred To Jon Stewart

Last night, Colbert's show (link here) VERY SIMPLY explained how evil, ludicrous, despicable, wealth-concentrating, and wrong the Citizen's United SCOTUS decision was that opened the flood gates of the richest 0.1% of the richest 1% of Americans funding political campaigns, and how those completely non-transparent Super PACs can be run by ex-staffers, business partners, or relatives of candidates, as long as they don't "coordinate".  Ridiculous!

Colbert's lampooning of the entire Super PAC process has been spot-on, precise, poignant in peeling back the onion and explaining it, so that "even a 5th grader could understand."
I alternated between laughing hysterically, being disgusted by how simple the transfer of unlimited wealth was with a wink-wink, and back again to  uproarious laughter (it's good we don't rent, so I didn't scare the neighbors).

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