Thursday, January 12, 2012

Colbert Report Gold, Jan 9th

Following TDS's awesome January 9th show, the Colbert Report writers did a superb job in their own right (link here).  Below, are some of the choice quotes that stuck out in my mind:

Axe Body Spray has a product for women. I am guessing it is mace"

"Star Freckled"  .. which changed the next day to "Uptrodden"

Dixville Notch

Fiddler's Cyst

Tinkler's Sack

"More wasted than a donation to the Huntsman campaign"

"Hair of the elephant, who bit 'cha"

"The speed of light. Not figuratively, Literally" R.Perry

"Iran has developed the warp drive!"

"Mormons are milk fed"

"New Hampshire has been sixty-nining Vermont!"

"The charisma of igneous rock"

"Be gone! ye devil's scrotum!"

"A Rod Choketh"

"Slave tail"

Magna Carta Quote: " If a man dies owing money to the Jews his wife may have her dower and pay nothing towards the debt from it" - won't go over well in Florida.

"Let our long bowmen go!"

"Keep the Parthinians from acquiring pachyderm technology." 

"carathard de lendi est!"

Hammurabi:  Eye for eye, tooth for tooth.  Both vision and dental.

Hot & Heavy & strictly missionary.

Blagovich people.

Bladder infection people.  Cranberry juice teat.

Blackula people.

It can be tough and a little nauseating.

I did not stay up for the guest, as it was past my "wake up at 5am bed time" and Dr Desert Flower was still working in the lab past 10:30pm, so I crashed.

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