Saturday, January 21, 2012

To "gingrich"

Urban Dictionary already has 4 accurate definitions of "gingrich", but this week brings a 5th aspect into the public's view.  The Daily Show clip below sums it up nicely:
"Every night he'd call me from his hotel room, and end the call with 'I love you' and Calista was there with him, hearing him say that to me."
It's sort of a fundamentalist Mormon 'family value' I guess, as well as in concordance with Old Testament Hebrew, Koranic Muslim, and feudal reign
"But you want me all to yourself, and Calista doesn't care."

So I propose the following 5th & 6th definitions: 
5) Gin-grich  \'gin-(,)grich, -(,)rich\   verb, transitive
To try and persuade one's wife that the polygamous sexual exploits in which one is already deeply involved and practicing are justified and logical, based upon the hubris filled douche bag hypocrite's myopic view point of the universe, disregarding any previous marital infidelities, spousal chronic disease diagnosis, or Presidential Special Prosecutions on-going.

6) Gin-grich  \'gin-(,)grich, -(,)rich\   verb, transitive
To cause one to vomit in one's own mouth

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