Thursday, January 12, 2012

HOPE You Don't Get Indefinitely Detained

So the Obama Administration won't enforce it.  Ok... you can bet your life (and your liberty and any pursuit of happiness) that a Republican Administration certainly will enforce the newest Defense Re-authorization law that walks all over the constitution, with glee.


  1. Don't be so naive to believe that Obama will not use the new NDAA against American citizens, as he says. Did you forget about when Obama said he would veto this NDAA? He lied about THAT!! I wouldn't be surprised if the NDAA was already used to have Andrew Breitbart killed. I'll tell you a Republican that will not use the NDAA--Ron Paul. Dr. Ron Paul would completely get rid of that section in the NDAA because it is, uh, dare I say?! UNCONSTITUTIONAL...that word doesn't seem to exist anymore, and Americans are too duped to care.

  2. BillyJean, I agree with you that NDAA is unconstitutional, and that it should never have passed congress, and if it had, it should have been vetoed. But presidents like their power.

    I also agree with you about Ron Paul being against it. If that was the only thing Ron Paul was against, it would be awesome. However, Ron Paul is against alot of things in America that rich people don't need or want, but the boot-strap-less don't have or would perish without, in a Dickensian landscape of every-man-for-himself capitalism & under-funded or non-functional social welfare programs.

    As to Andrew Breitbart, he and Vince Foster and William Casey were all taken out when they wanted to publicly reveal that the moon landings were faked. (that's sarcasm, in case inference is not use)

    I'm not an ideologue or a passionately devoted political supporter with a narrow focus. Just an aging pragmatist who makes observations of the broader world in which we all have to live, together.


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