Friday, January 6, 2012

Dodge Caravan Illegal Clown Car Stopped Today

A DPS (State Trooper, for those of you outside of Arizona) office was driving along I-10 south of Phoenix this morning around 6am when he noticed a Dodge Caravan missing a bumper.  He ran the plate, and found that the mini van was stolen.  As he began to pull over the mini van, another car cut him off, and bumped his police cruiser.  The professional officer followed the mini van off the freeway into Chandler AZ and called for backup. 

He stopped the mini van, and other DPS officers stopped the car that cut off the first officer.  What did they find?  According to links here, here, here, and here, the stolen Dodge Caravan was driven by a woman who is a legal US resident who lives near Phoenix.  In her mini van were stuffed 23 people, all of whom are suspected of being illegal immigrants.  Seriously, 23 people?  I've stuffed 14 Spaniards (from Madrid) into a Ford Excursion, and it was a tight fit, but we only had a 3 hour drive to Atlanta.  An Excursion is MUCH bigger than a Caravan.  They must have been stacked like cord wood in that mini van.  The driver of the car that bumped the first officer, was the son of the mini van driver, according to DPS.  They had the same address on their drivers licenses.

First of all senor, you're not in Mexico, where bumping a police officer might work sometimes.  You bump a police officer in Arizona, and you're going to jail for assault on a law enforcement officer, or attempted murder charges... depending on how badly you bump them.  Second of all senora & senor, if you're going to try to smuggle human beings, do it in a vehicle that is not stolen, and don't be so greedy!  23 people?  Really?  Are you really THAT stupid?  If you'd have used a legal vehicle that was not stolen, and not over-loaded, and was not missing a bumper, you would have already reached the end point of your human cargo's predetermined (and pre-paid) smuggling voyage.

And no, Sheriff Joe's boys didn't make this stop.  This was DPS that initiated the contact with the suspects.  It was dark at 6am.  It was not racial profiling.  It was stupidity profiling. 

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