Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Black McRussian

I invented a new drink to have as a nice-time "sure to put you asleep" cocktail this week (while watching The Daily Show and Colbert Report on DVR, home alone, of course).

1 Large 12 ounce glass
6 ounces of large ice cubes
Costco Vodka (made by Grey Goose, I think)
1 spoon or butter knife

Fill the large glass 1/2 to 2/3rds full of ice.
Cover the ice with ample amounts of Vodka, until they are submerged.
Put one or two shots of Kahlua, to taste
Splash 1 ounce or less, of Baileys on top (you could use Milk, but I had Baileys available in the fridge)
Stir vigorously with teaspoon or butter knife, until the ice cubes are melted to approximately 1/2 their original size, and floating freely in the dark tan mixture.

Take an hour to sip it - using a straw is not recommended, unless it is a very small diameter straw - and fall asleep thereafter.  Do not drive or operate heavy machinery after you've begun sipping this delicious concoction. 

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