Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ritchie, Downey & Law Do Not Disappoint Again

Two years ago, Guy Ritichie brought movie goers his first Sherlock Holmes movie. (link here) Dr Desert Flower and I watched it on Netflix about 6 months after it came out in the theaters, and enjoyed it a great deal.  Having it on DVD made it easy to "go back" and "rewind" in the rapid dialogue, complex & richly detailed scenes, and "absorb" the various aspects that Holmes (played wonderfully by Robert Downey Jr) observed in the most nonchalant manner, as easily and simply as breathing or walking.  It was a fast paced, turbulent rush of a film, and it made the movie-goer THINK.  We enjoyed it.

Ritchie's second rendition, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, was not a disappointment. Over the Christmas holiday while our son was here, we went as a family to a matinee and found the theater to be 80% full.  While the slow motion scenes (as show above) were somewhat superfluous - special effects for special effects sake - Ritchie kept the same pace, intensity, and detail as he had in Game of Shadows.  It made me wish I had it on DVR or DVD so I could go back and "rewind" it again.

I'd read that originally they wanted to cast Jude Law as Holmes and not Watson.  Very glad that they didn't make that mistake.  Downey is ideal for the part, and for the majority of the film is "playing himself" which always lends to believability.

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  1. Liked both as well. I could do without most of the action, but Law and Downey are both great.


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