Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Football Season Is Over For Me

Da Chicago Bears had a lack-luster 2011 season, rife with injuries, where they struggled against mediocre teams, and were obliterated by highly skilled teams.  For me, the NFL football season is done.   I hear that there's still some play-off games coming, and some kind of media extravaganza in early February in Frozen Indianapolis.... but I don't have details. 

I will be halfheartedly cheering - in futility, most likely - for the underdogs: Cincinnati, Detroit, and Atlanta. If / when that proves futile, later in January I'll be rooting for San Francisco, New York, and Baltimore... but it will probably be the Packers (of Fudge) against New England, with Aaron Rodgers showing that he leads an unbeatable juggernaut, again.  Oh well.   At least Da Bears might get a good draft pick?


  1. Agreed, Da Bears went into hibernation a little early this year. I am hoping to leave town when the crowds arrive for the Soiree Bowl in Feb. Fun watching the Clod fans here assuming that Pay-a-ton would be playing, a host city has never actually been in the SB. Good news, we are out of school on the following Monday. Last year we had 4 inches of sleet/ice the week leading up to the big game. Nothing moved on a road for a week. Stay tuned.

  2. I hope Manning retires and becomes an anchor or commentator. I do not want to see him become a para or quadriplegic.


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