Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why I Despise Renting

This sums up, very well, why I not only despise renting, but why I cannot happily live in high density housing, with neighbors packed in all around me, surrounded, pinned in, by others who do not share my affinity for peace & quiet, solitude, mutual respect, decorum, consideration, and the greater good of society.  I need to live in a dwelling that does not share common walls with my neighbors (or laundry rooms, or garbage cans, or elevators, or ceilings or floors).  I know many of my friends and followers love their densely packed city life styles, and they "deal with" or tolerate their neighbors... but I am not as tolerant.


Or, link here

It's not just the main largest image posted on the linked page, but also all the smaller posted images, just below it.  I've had nearly all of these happen to me personally, and I enjoyed none of them.  They're humorous when happening to someone else, and viewed from the third person, yes indeed.  But maddening when you're the one being subjected to it.

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