Friday, January 6, 2012

Inexpensive Organic Spinach Drives Salad Making

Costco sells huge tubs of organic baby spinach for just $4.  Sometimes we eat the whole container before it goes bad.  Sometimes about 1/2 of it becomes dark and soggy by the time we get towards the bottom of the tub.. and if we're in the mood for a quiche or some kind of cooked baby spinach, that's all well and good, but otherwise we just toss it out, and at $4 a giant tub, I don't feel bad about it.  It's healthy, low calorie, and tastes good too.

So this week, for several lunches and dinners, I've been voraciously consuming organic baby spinach, with a dash of organic vinaigrette from Organicville, sprinkling of organic portabello mushrooms, delicious Gruyere Swiss from Trader Joe's, and the ubiquitous Kirkland bacon bits.  Tasty, satisfying, and healthy. It's a good habit to have.

If you like baby spinach, you should try the massive tubs from Costo. 


  1. Another easy and good use for baby spinach: chop (as much or as little as you want, no need to be obsessive), and sauté, then use with eggs. Cook over high heat -- cooks very quickly. Simple with scrambled eggs or omelette -- just cook the spinach, leave it in the pan, then pour in a few beater eggs. Scramble or omelettize. Add cheese if you feel like it. Can use huge volumes of fresh spinach this way. First time, use way more than you think you should.

    1. Chop? No chopping necessary. I used a 1/8th inch pad of organic butter in a well warmed skillet (I'd already sauteed onions, organic peppers and organic portabellos, which I set aside for a few minutes) and enough wilty organic spinach to fill a large American cereal bowl (about 1 inch of the massive Costco container). You were ABSOLUTELY right, placed in the butter, they shriveled rapidly. I thought "this is about 3X more than I need, but Ron said use way more..." and it turned out just right! I added back in the still warm veggies and 3 organic cage free beaten eggs, and had a VERY HEARTY breakfast. I will not eat again until this evening, when hopefully the Giants and the Patriot will remain in the playoffs. =) (on ne peu que esperer)


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