Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Booted Heel Repair

Dr Desert Flower lost the tip off the heel of one of her boots.  One large Irwin clamp, one spring clamp, an old cocktail shaker, some gorilla glue, and 24 hours later, the tip is back on, firmly.  The rubberized tip did shift about 1/8th of an inch (approx 3mm) towards the boot's toe, but it is still firmly bonded to the heel.  I trimmed off the bubbled over gorilla glue with a box cutter and added some black shoe polish to turn the beige glue line to black.  It should last a long time, or at least a few dozen wearings.
Why do I still have an old cocktail shaker in my garage?  (it leaked, and had a terrible seal, so it was not in the kitchen).  Never know when you might need something sturdy, that can handle compression that is about the size of a human heel and ankle!   

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