Thursday, January 12, 2012

Daily Show's Gems This Week, Jan 9th

The Daily Show has been ON FIRE this week, with one amazing show after another, but Monday's, Jan 9th, was particularly poignant and hilarious. (link here)  Choice / memorable quotes are below.

Pious Bologna

Two Debates, One GOP

Watching Real Housewives...

Scarlet Johansen, why so grainy?

As my father told me:  "Only run for office if you are rich"

"Assets not exceeding liabilities by a ratio of 30:1, not including foreign indemnities, oh dad!"

"I was happy that he had to take out a mortgage on his house to ultimately defeat me"
- "What a weird rich guy thing to brag about"

"Did I tell you about the time at auction, that I bested Richard Branson, bidding on a gold plated Dirigible, that I did not even want???"

Republicans Unite People!

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Wealthy

"No place for the politics of resentment"

"If Gov Romney would like to give back all of the money he's made from laying off employees & bankrupting companies at Bain Capital" - N.Gingrich

"Welcome Comrades"

"Oh, it's not fair! He's using unlimited money to buy influence.  Interesting...."

"Oh right, it's your platform!"

"Corporations are people my friend"

"It's like Mitt Romney answered the Republican eHarmony ad and now you're saying it is unfair, it's not what you meant.  Mitt Romney is the pure distillation of Republican Policies"

Release the Kraken!

"It's a very scary Kraken... don't you have like a mini-Kraken?"

Guest was George Lucas who was on to promote Red Tails, which he said took him 23 years to get made, and no movie production company or distributor was interested in it, so he did it himself.  When he started, he was working with 40 Tuskegee Airmen, and now, there's only 7 remaining alive.  "It's as close as you'll ever get to Episode 7".  Dr Desert Flower and I will probably go see it, to support George Lucas' effort - if it has a good opening weekend (January 20th) then he said there's a pre-quel and a sequel in the works.

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