Thursday, January 22, 2009

The utility of cotton

Last week when hiking shirtless, I underestimated the Sun's January intensity here in Phoenix, and once I was home, I found I had somewhat of a red-pink tinge to my back and chest. Being Polish, that happens often. White - pink - red. No tan, essentially. To avoid a nasty, itchy, peel, about 20 years ago I began wearing white cotton t-shirts after such quasi-burns, and slathering on moisturizing lotion on arms and legs not covered in white cotton, a few times a day. Well, a week later, I've still not peeled or blistered, and the "home remedy" has been extremely effective. The look, the feel, the usefulness, of cotton.

Note: if the cotton t-shirt has an emblem or logo printed on it, it's almost guaranteed that the lack of "breathability" will cause a localized peel on the skin under the printed area after an over-exposure to UV.

Maybe I should patent this.... some really stupid things are already patented.


  1. my sunburn recipe was always 1) vaseline intensive care, 2) orange juice and 3) aspirin.

    nowadays, though, it's staying inside :-)

  2. "... some really stupid things are already patented."

    Like swinging from side to side? Note that patentholder Steven Olsen wa, I believe, five years old when he filed his claim. No joke.

  3. This is one of my favorites:
    Method of Exercising a Cat

    Is this Brooklyn Rick? Or Maryland Rick? Or an entirely different Rick?

  4. I've deduced it is Brooklyn Rick, based upon Critical Path musing.


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