Thursday, January 15, 2009

Good Riddance to Old Rubbish

W will have a "farewell speech" televised by Fox, and maybe some of the cable outlets this evening. Originally I thought "what a waste of time" - since I am not one of the 17% of Americans who would still love Bush even if he admitted that he f*cks goats and eats puppies. But the more I thought about it today, this failed businessman, sophomoric frat boy, oedipal war-monger, un-curious nationalist, child-of-privilege, lying, delusional, globally despised 43rd President can provide excellent advice, with a caveat: Do Everything Exactly Opposite The He Recommends.

Everytime he's opened his mouth in the last 3 years (8 years yes, but more so in the last 2) the markets have taken nose dives, people's lives have been ruined, forests have been wiped out, watersheds have been polluted, cities have flooded, countries have been invaded, corporate pockets have been lined, the sick have gotten sicker, the rich have gotten richer, and the poor have been told to get more boot straps. Everything he and his administration have stood for, with the exception of the Pacific Ocean Natural Preserves he's declared, have been disasters, atrocities, criminal acts. Who better is there to offer advice, than someone as unrepentant as W? We just, as a nation, have to do the opposite of whatever he recommends.

I'll look for a written summary tomorrow of the address. Tonight I'll be catching up on my new Direct TV DVR recordings of TDS & Colbert & PBS that got installed yesterday - which my cable company forced me into when Motorola refused to renew their license for the gateway boxes.

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