Friday, January 2, 2009

Former Iraqi Information Minister Advises Hamas

I was listening to NPR earlier this week (29December), when I heard this:
"Mr. YUSUF: This has nothing to do with firing rockets because there is no rockets fired. There are collaborators, sometimes they fire based on the Israeli asking them maybe to fire some of these home-made projectiles. They know that Hamas did their best to protect the border and not to let anybody firing rockets."
This joker, Ahmed Yusuf, Hamas's "foreign-affairs spokesman"and political adviser to Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, on a nationally broadcast network, is stating that his quasi-political / military / fundamentalist religious organization Hamas "did their best to protect the border and not to let anybody firing rockets" and that any rockets that are fired from Gaza are because of "Israeli collaborators". (full transcript here) What a total joke this Ahmed Yusuf is! What a discredit he does to his entire organization! Is he channeling Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf (M.S.S.), former Iraqi Minister of Information? Is M.S.S. now advising Hamas? [For more of M.S.S.'s hilarious lies and bizarre perspective, see this site: ]

I understand posturing, and trying to use language to advance your point in public opinion, but have at least an ounce of truth in it, if you're going to be listened to and have your point made and respected. What a total freakin joke Ahmed Yusuf is. From now on, he needs to S.T.F.Up and he's been placed in the "completely useless" bin.

To drive my point home, 2 days after Yusuf makes a fool of himself and the organization he represents, the BBC reported: "Hamas's military wing, the Izzedine al-Qassam Brigades, says it plans to fire at Israeli targets that are even further away as long as the attacks on Gaza continue." Yeah... that'll produce excellent results I am sure. 100s more (or 100s?) dead in Gaza, and 1/2 a dozen holes in Israeli walls.

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