Thursday, January 22, 2009

STFU - Douglas Feith

On NPR this afternoon, they have a "panel of foreign policy experts" on. One of them, is W's former under-secretary of Defense, Douglas Feith. You remember who this piece of work is?

"Doug Feith, of course, is without question, one of the most brilliant individuals in government. He is – he's just a rare talent. And from my standpoint, working with him is always interesting. He's been one of the really the intellectual leaders in the administration in defense policy aspects of our work here" - Rumsfeld.

Consider the source. Enough said. I cringe every time I hear this moron in an interview. He was wrong on Iraq. Wrong on WMD. Wrong on Pakistan. Wrong on Afghanistan. Wrong on everything he touched. Now Feith needs to STFU. No one needs to hear from him anymore, ever again, except perhaps, to do exactly the opposite of whatever he recommends. His ideology was voted out of power. His incompetence and ridiculously stretched justifications are best left to the pages of the WSJ and other right wing mouth pieces.

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