Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hacker little boys render combination locks useless

Beware, combination padlocks are pretty much useless now, with the application of a simple shim.
Get a safe, if it's really valuable. Thanks kids!


  1. Neat. Why is that tagged despicable? Or do you mean the lock manufacturers are despicable for peddling such crap? That I'd agree with. Kudos to the kids for figuring this out.

  2. Such a cheesy design, so universally accepted and propagated. I wonder if there was ever an engineer somewhere saying "but you can defeat this lock with a postage stamp sized shim!" and some marketing / managerial / product line MBA over-ruling him saying "we have to get this to market NOW! There's no time to fix it! The Chinese are already tooled up to crank out millions of them for us at pennies each!"

  3. Yeah, there were probably more secure designs that were "too costly".


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