Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kerry's verbal blunders renewed for 2009

Sen John Kerry, acting as Foreign Relations Committee Chairman today - since Biden is in Iraq and he has not resigned as chairman yet - offered Chelsea Clinton the opportunity to be an "intern for the day" to be able to see her mom's face during Hillary's confirmation hearing. Once again, Kerry has a good intention, yet he doesn't think it through, and cannot verbalize it. The Clintons, in regards to interns.... well.. yes, I-FEEL-your-Pain Bill DID serve as an intern for the FRC previously, but Bill went on later to have other "relations" with interns. There's a taint on the whole intern reference frame when applied to Clinton's, John. Amazing that this guy couldn't get elected in 2004. Ugh!


  1. Oh, c'mon. That's a hell of a stretch. Sounds like a bad syllogism to me. You're saying the Clintons have been so traumatized by Bill's affair with the intern (and it was the illicit extramarital sex part of that that was upsetting, not the intern part, per se), that it is a gaffe to make use of the intern concept in any context around the Clintons?? Really?

    Now, if Kerry had suggested Chelsea give him a blowjob or do something creative with a cigar, that would be one thing. But geez, give the guy a break.

  2. I am not saying the Clintons were traumatized by anything. Their patriarch's indiscretions, and his ability to keep it undisclosed as most other world leaders do is his business. What I AM saying is that Kerry, no matter how well intentioned he is, continues to show that he has difficulty communicating what he means in English. Perhaps if he were ambassador to France, he'd do better en francais. I hear him on MTP and other Sunday morning shows, and I cringe. I voted for him. I like him. I've given him lots of breaks.

    When you combine what he said, with how MUCH he wanted the Secretary of State job (thank the FSM he didn't get it!), it is comical in a tragic sense, how he was going over-board to be extra nice, and it back-fires on him. Had Chelsea accepted his well intended offer, she Would Have been following in her father's first Washing DC service footsteps, and been able to see her mom's reaction (as Hillary opined that her daughter could not).

    It's a moot point that leads to my "allergic" reaction posting. I was never allergic to Kerry, just cringe or doze when I hear him ramble and circumvent - all well intended, usually technically accurate, but droning enough to lull one to sleep.

    Les opinions sont comme des trous de cul. Tout le monde en a un. La plupart d'entre elles puent. [ That's true with most of everything, isn't it? ]

  3. Ok, I'm stumped. I really don't get why this is considered such a gaffe. Seriously, I'm not being facetious. I don't see how, unlike many of his true cringe-worthy moments, this equals some foot-in-mouth episode. Why is offering Chelsea that fake internship a gaffe? Are people in US in a tizzy or a titter over this?

    Maybe I'm dense. But it seems like it's on par with saying that offering John McCain a vietnamese spring roll would be a cringe-inducing gaffe because, you know, he was a prisoner of war in vietnam.

  4. It's not a huge gaffe, and Americans are not wrapped around he axle about it, I just found it very Kerry-esque.

    I did love the POW impact of the "vietnamese spring roll" POW-POW! I can't stop snickering. 'You know, there were several years there that not only did I not have a kitchen table, I couldn't even snicker' - yeah, the same years that you didn't have comprehensive "gold plated" Congressional or Military health care taking care of you and your family! But you DID have the occasional spring roll. POW! POW!

  5. I've got to say I agree with pyker on this one...I don't see it as a gaffe.


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