Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Douchebag Schlozman & Other "Right Thinking Americans"

I was unaware of just how far off the deep end the right wingnuts really were in their penetration and perversion of the DofJ, and in this week's revelation, the Civil Rights Division. This Bradley Schlozman character not only lied under oath, and in writing, in Congressional hearing testimony, but he's completely drank the kool-aid. Listening to his lies and bigotry yesterday on Stewart & Maddow & Olbermann (yet absent from O'Reilly's show.. hmmmm) was truly sickening. "Right Thinking Americans" ?? I did not know there was such a delusional cabal - but a scary google search reveals a vast, paranoid, hateful, bigoted national movement.

Ironically, Eric Holder used to be in charge of the Civil Rights division... so maybe his confirmation hearing won't go too poorly, considering the incompetent, criminal, treasonous (not up-holding the Constitution), hateful sycophants who are running the DofJ now.

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  1. I'm hoping Jesus(TM) comes back and Raptures these people away so we don't have to deal with them anymore.


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