Thursday, January 15, 2009

Totenberg Summarizes The Evil that is Cheney

I listened to this detailed and insightful (as far as a 5 minute radio spot can be detailed) story on the evil that is Dick Cheney today. Nina Totenberg never calls him "evil" - but any man who
  • subverts the President's Executive power to bend policy to his own slanted perspective
  • has cost more American lives due to IEDs and insurgent and terrorist attacks than 9-11 did
  • has degraded American values and ideals universally to the point of being one of the greatest Al Qaeda recruiting tools ever
  • tells another member of the Senate to go f*ck himself on the senate floor
  • has a man-sized safe in his office
  • has obscured the VP residence on Google Earth due to his own paranoia
  • participates in the end-of-government doomsday drills on a regular basis
  • gets his rich old hunting friend to apologize to him after shooting said buddy in the face at a caged, nearly flightless, shotgunning from cars with lots of whiskey involved "hunting" trip
  • believes in the absolute power of the executive & that breaking laws and trampling the Constitution is fine when pursuing terrorists
  • is completely unapologetic for his treasonous and criminal actions
  • used the phrase "mushroom cloud" repeatedly as a punctuation mark in 2004
  • has promoted his personal, idealogue lawyer Addington, as a tool of his right wing nut plutocracy
  • has held aloft as infallible Gospel the amateuristic and laughably inept legal opinions of John Yoo (who he installed in the Office of Legal Consel - OLC) justifying torture
  • has created his own personal special secret stamp for documents
  • screened EVERY document that Ever crossed W's desk
Well.. let's just say... once his 4th or 5th pace maker fails, I hope he enjoys some quality time being bent over by thorn-cocked Gulbuth The Rampant. Nina did a nice job is putting a bow around the United States' most powerful, and most evil VP in history.

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