Friday, January 2, 2009

The "Deliverance" Lovestory inducted into national film archive.

The Library of Congress announced earlier this week that "Deliverance" was one of the 25 movies they would be preserving in the national film archive, along with "The Terminator" and others. Some people call "Deliverance" a 'film about four businessmen on a nightmarish canoe trip in the remote Georgia wilderness' - but it really is a traditional Southern Love Story, misunderstood by so many who have not lived in or near the Chattahoochee River Basin (where James Dickey's novel was based) or the upper Savannah River Basin (where the movie was actually filmed). Having lived almost 16 years in upper NW South Carolina, and having spent time on and around Hartwell, the Savannah River, and the Chattahoochee River, as well as being exposed to Matt's and JoeM's obsession with the genre, I side with the misunderstood love story crowd.


  1. Now let's you just drop them pants.

    Scariest 7 words ever uttered in the English language...

  2. Followed by "you got a real purdy mouth" ? =)


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