Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ricardo Montalbán passes

Earlier this month, Ricardo Montalbán, one of my favorite actors from my youth died at the ripe old age of 89. In Jr HS I used to watch Fantasy Island and thought, I want to be as rich as that guy and own an island someday. I've never owned a Cordoba or felt soft Corinthian Leather, but Ricardo was great in Star Trek II (the best one of the series in my perspective) - and spoofing him on SNL was hilarious. "Dirty silverware stored next to clean!" (Youtube videos of SNL removed, to add to Lauren Michael's already considerable weath).

Kirk: Khan...stop it! You board my ship, you insult my crew. What is it you really want?
Khan: Ahhhhh, very well Kiiiiiirrrkkkk. I shall get to the heart of the matter.
[Khan snaps his fingers and a man with a clipboard comes through the door to stand at his side.]
Khan: This is the health inspector. Your establishment has many infractions. You have dirty silverware stored next to clean. No sneeeeezzzeeeguard on the saaaaalllaaad baaaaarr.

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