Sunday, January 18, 2009

Delusional Biased NFL Game Coverage

I'm watching Arizona unexpectedly hand Philadelphia their ass in the 3rd quarter of the NFC championship. The Eagles Offensive line must've partied too hard in Scottsdale or something last night, leaving McNabb to meet the well kept grass of University of Phoenix Stadium quite often. Veteran Warner keeps connecting to up-comer Larry Fitzgerald. It's looking like a blow out - BUT Faux Sports, can't get November 23rds Eagles' Blow Out (48 to 20) out of their minds. I actually heard one of the delusion announcers say, at a score of 24 (Cardinals) to 6 (Eagles) "If the Eagles get a touch down here, then it's only a 10 point game, and anything can happen".

The Cardinals are wiping up the floor with the Eagles. As a life long Chicago Bears fan, I've always sensed a "band wagon" bias in sports broadcasting coverage. The announcers want a winner, want to be backing a winner, and know everything about a winner. They're not prepared or engaged to support or be affiliated with a loser. All of their stats, and graphics, and back-ground coversations before the game, are with the mindset of "these guys are going to win, those guys are going to lose". I've seen it in losing Bears season when the announcers, before the first quarter kick off, are salivating a Bears defeat. Non-bears fans have told me 'oh hush, you're imagining it, but here today, these Racine Cardinals, I mean Chicago Cardinals, I mean St, Louis Cardinals - oh wait, that's where old man (38 yrs old) Kurt Warner USED TO play for, and where he took the St. Louis Rams to the super bowl - oh yeah, the Arizona Cardinals are seeing the same damn thing from the Faux Sports announcers in the third quarter.

A 1/2 hour later, the game's over, and Arizona wins, much to the surprise of Fox Sports. The Eagle's resurgence they'd all been opining for never materialized into a win(25-32 final).

Now, on CBS, it sucks that Roethlisberger's offensive line is showing in the first 1/2 that they can't stop the rush, as the Ravens pulverize him into the frozen Pittsburgh grass. Meanwhile Flacco slowly dodges Steelers' defensive men like they're lethargic toddlers. I hope the Steelers can pull this off, but Ben's gonna see lots of birdies flying around his helmet without an effective offensive line. At least CBS's announcers are (so far) not expressing their personal bias.

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  1. Note: CBS made it all the way to the 4th quarter before they began to reveal their bias. Nantz and Simms were SILENT when Troy Polamalu's interception ABRUPTLY stopped the modicum of momentum that the Ravens had build in the 4th quarter. Right before commercial one of them said "the Ravens are making a come back" very hopefully, expectantly. Dr Desert Flower and I were cheering, amazed, impressed, and I remember thinking "is MUTE on?" as Nantz and Simms were reticent! let the wind out of their expectant Raven's sails. Then at the 2nd 4th quarter interception, again, no comment, no emotion.

    They DID do a better job than Faux Sports, who could barely contain their NFC PHI bias earlier in the day. Maybe since I'm a fan of a consistently losing team I'm overly sensitive to it, but it sure would be nice to see & hear a nationally televised game without biased announcers.


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