Friday, January 23, 2009

Fearfully Imbalanced

The Daily Show last night summarized the most hilarious quotes from the Fox Network and associated right wing extremists. Paranoid, un-American, un-Patriotic (in their own words, don't they know things are digitally recorded?), hypocritical, all of them apply.

Jon Stewart said it best: "I owe Colmes an apology. He was the sandbag holding down the hot air crazy balloon."

Excerpt of Fox's paranoia:
"He doesn't have his hand on the Bible[TM], is he really President?"
"We have to compromise our values to protect ourselves" (AND to recruit as many jihadists against us as possible, apparently!)

All this on just the 2nd day. There'll be no shortage of hypocritical and paranoid comedy material, for the next 4 (or perhaps 8) years.

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