Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Turning out to be a good day...

I worked 1/2 a day... and had good meetings with my Bangalore mentees / counter parts.
I went to traffic court this afternoon, and the judge ruled in my favor, saving me a $158 fine for "running a red light" when I didn't run one. Pays to be prepared, and have an unprepared rookie cop against you in court.
Got cheered up by my buddy JoeM.
Heard McCain's lost PA by a wide margin.
Heard Dole lost her NC senate seat... guess it doesn't pay to accuse people of being "godless"
Heard Sununu lost his Senate seat... one of the few Rose Hulman graduate members of the Legislative branch of who I've always been so ashamed.
Got a free cup of Starbucks iced coffee.
I got calls from Guliani, Palin, McCain, some generic robo Republican female, some generic Republican male, desperately imploring me to go to the polls today.. LOL!
Took my funnel out of the empty wine bottles that I was getting ready to fill with gasoline to make molotovs, and put it back in the garage.

If things keep going this well... I will post a happy youtube video from my youth... that my buddy Craig Seiglin introduced me to more than 20 years ago.

il faut voir... we shall see...

Dr. Desert Flower and I are going to go out to dinner with the cash saved from traffic court. I'm still in my tie and Claibourne shirt... so it'll be fancy =)

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