Saturday, November 15, 2008

Habanera de la Henson

This is a very funny, very short, very catchy little video. Heard/saw it 2 weeks ago, courtesy of Dr.Desert Flower's lab-mates, and it runs through my head repeatedly since then. (warning)

Watching it again this morning at posting, it occurred to me:
  • Beaker could be a typical conservative making upwards of a $1/4 million or more a year
  • Swedish Chef could be the average moderate American, hoping for some pork, or "bork" (kids now-a-days are too young to remember Judge Bork)
  • Animal... well... when I was in 8th grade, and used to play the drums everyday, my Aunt Chris got me a green jersey with the word "ANIMAL" across the front, and I've had an affinity for the guy ever since. Ironically, my son who also plays drums has adopted Animal's haircut!
Regardless of possible characterizations, have a look-see. The chorus grows on you.

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