Saturday, November 8, 2008

Africa is not a country?

I guess that's what incurious, quick creationist, close minded former beauty pageant queens believe. She, and Joe the Plumber, and Tito the builder, all need to sink into obscurity. The quicker the better. This woman just keeps lying out of both sides of her mouth. She says no one is going through her closets... but the RNC IS sorting through her luggage and taking back the clothes. Maybe it's a pre-requisite to be a lying, stealing, cheating asshole to succeed in Alaskan politics?

And the "Impeach Obama" movement has already begun, before he's taken office. Delusional!

Man, it sure feels good to be on the winning side for the first time in my life. I sure hope the Democrats don't f*ck this up quickly.

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