Monday, November 17, 2008

Defeatist! Unpatriotic! Iraqis agree to a withdrawal TIMELINE

Listening to Terry Gross on NPR's Fresh Air this afternoon, I heard that the Iraqi cabinet has approved a timeline to withdraw all American troops out of their country:
""The total withdrawal will be completed by Dec. 31, 2011. This is not governed by circumstances on the ground. This date is specific and final," cabinet spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said."
I was struck with the gravity of this... I've heard for more than a year now, how ANYONE who wanted a timeline for troop withdrawal was defeatist, a loser, unpatriotic, Un-American, NOT someone that any respectable American would ever vote for. And yet here I was, hearing mouthpiece Dana Perino, explain how now is the right time for Iraq and the US to agree on a timeline for troop withdrawal. I Could Not Believe My Ears!

So I googled it. The French Version. The MSM (ABC) version. The yahoo internet version. They confirmed Perino's sound clip from NPR's Ivan Watson. BUT could I find anything about it on Fox? LOL! Heck No! As of 5pm Arizona time... the only story Faux "News" had on their website is "Top US officer comfortable with Iraq security deal" in which they mention NOTHING about a time line - they did BASH Obama, re-iterating a relic "16 month" mantra. Yeah, really fair. Completely balanced. LMAO!

So now, revisionist history shows that Obama & the Dems were right about getting us out of Iraq, even according to the White House spokesperson. Orwell & Goebbles would both be proud.

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